A Sneak Peak inside The Truth About Fat Burning Foods Program

For many people all over the world rising weight is the primary concern. For them improving their eating habit and reducing weight is much more important that regular workouts. Until now, there was no any detailed information to guide people on what food is good for fat burning and what is not. Agreed that many articles on internet cover these topics but in bits and pieces. To bridge this gap Nick Pineault came up with an easy to understand ‘The Truth About Fat Burning Foods program providing much valuable information in food items in one place.

Looking Inside The Truth About Fat Burning Foods                      

Nick welcomes readers by promising to unlock the secret of nutrition in as easy manner as possible. Living to the expectations, he then starts asking few questions to give you a brief idea on what secret he will be relieving in this book. The most interesting part is the answers to the questions, that are funny and realistic capturing your attention and motivating you turn the pages. 

Truth About Protein, Fat and Carbs: This is the first book on the list that readers are expected to start the program with. By explaining and educating people to understand and differentiate proteins, fats and carbs in their food, Nick also reveals some of the best foods rich in these constituents. 


The Truth About Condiments, Snacks and Seasonings: Explaining how most of the condiments, snacks and seasonings we are eating are unhealthy, Nick educates you on how they actually play an important role in increasing your weight and effecting body systems. By listing foods that needs to be avoided, readers get to learn different recipes to help them make their own sausages, condiments and snacks that are effective as fat burning foods. 

The Truth About Drinks: Starting from the commonest drinks found in your home and decoding them to let you understand what drinks are better and what drinks to avoid this book will help you in determining and drinking only healthy beverages.

Additional Material 



Apart from these important topics you also get access to different sections such as The Truth About Super foods, The Truth About Grocery Cart, The Truth About Supplements and 4 Step Diet Mix. Bottom line is you should read and implement at least two to three books from The Truth About Fat Burning Foods Program in your life to get fascinating results that otherwise would not have been possible by using medicines, shakes, supplements or exercise